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Uprise of the Banquet Halls in Delhi

In this millenia, the current generation, the employed and the employer have one thing in common, earn and spend. Although savings do form a good part the economic routine the overall spending has increased many fold in banquet halls, party venue and restaurants.

This decade alone has seen a sharp rise of 450% in expenditure on party and food in urban places, this fact clearly states the emergence and focus of this generation as a whole. Western culture has taken its grip!

As a consequence of this spending, which is mostly in parties in resturants and banquets, obviously party time has increased considerably for this age in the society. Celebrating birthdays with parties, anniversary with cocktails, bringing together distant relatives for weddings is the norm.

Venues offer every bit of feature and service making things easier for hosts in this ever increasing age of competition where cusotmer is a True king. God bless competition. Services in banquet halls which were hard to arrange, are  now offered complimentary.


Quality of Services available at Banquets in Delhi

The aim for most is to make their special day memorable, live long in the hearts of all those who attended it. The idea is to do something which no one else done. The Banquet Venue plays a key role in helping the organisers achieve this feat. Banquet halls provide food, drinks, catering, service, venue and other basic amenities.

The new breed of banquets in Delhi NCR are very well made and have great interiors, that even without much decorative materials look really presentable. Banquet halls of hotel metroview are really well constructed and have rich and pleasant interiors. Robust cooling keeps heat at bay at all times.

Hotel Metro View has been a name which is synonymous with quality, great service, value for money and richness. Ever since the inauguration of our Banquets, our competitors have been having a hard time keeping up with the quality of services offered by us. Delicious food made from finest ingredients, use of only fresh materials. Complete transparency at every step has been the stepping stone for Hotel Metro View and its banquets.

Reliance of event management has increased for complete peace of mind and seamless integration of every component of a good party in a Banquet hall. Hotel metro view does just that and takes the burden off of your mind and let's you focus on only enjoying your own event and fucntion.


Hotel Metro View - the leader in world class banquet halls in Delhi

Banquets at hotel metro view are able to provide food & drinks which are tastefully made and have options which vary from all around the globe. Cuisine such as North Indian, South indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Continental are available at our Banquet halls.

Despite the fact that the season for banquets was earlier completely predictable according to the Hindu wedding season, but venue which are able host birthday parties, cocktail party, wedding celebrations, anniversary, farewell parties, family gathering, kitty parties are able to source business all the year around.

Our Banquet halls are flexible and with the right menu options completely pocket friendly. Our rate package start extremely low and we have a 24 hour kitchen even for ala carte orders. Finest quality cutlery makes hotel metro view stand apart in a crowd.

Even on new years eve, many a parties are held all around the globe, people tend to choose banquets and venues which allow for late night parties without any troubles from the authorities. We score high on this standard because we are completely isolated from our neighbours and you can carry on for as long as you want on any night at our Banquets in hotel metro view in Delhi NCR.

Our management consists of people from different parts of India so you can have someone to understand your regional need at all times. Be it that regional delicacy our a special arrangement for a ritual, banquet at Hotel Metro View is simply the best.

So make your mind, calculate your budget and find a venue which best suits your needs, before someone else books it.

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Various options at Hotel Metro View for Banquets Hall in Delhi NCR

Arrangement Style/ Birthday Party / D.J Party Sitting Arrangement
Facilities available:
Dinner Party 100 people Meals (Veg & Non-Veg).

Cluster Sitting Mode 80-90 People.
Laptop/Mac with Wi-Fi, Sound systems, lapel Mic, wireless Microphone.
Class Room Sitting Mode 90-100 People. Slide projector with screen.
Board Room Sitting Mode 20-30 People. Video conferencing system.

U-Shape Sitting Mode 50-60 People.

Projector with screen.
Banquet Hall Sitting Mode 90-100 people.

Sangeet Function 100 people

Wedding Function 100 people

Birthday party 100 people

Theatre style 140 people

Farewell - Anniversary 100 people

Destination Wedding - Halls & rooms

Roka Ceremony 100 people

Kitty Party 40 people

Engagement party 100 people

Reception function 100 people

Television with satellite channels.

Pad / Pencil / Marker / Bottled water

Buffet Meal system

Leased line for high speed internet

Full Climate control - AC

Parking facilites

Photocopy & Printouts

Boardroom facilites

Dj Music system / backgorund music / light floor

Mood / themed lighting for parties

Stage / decoration / balloons / flowers for party